CDC – Futrli

Here at CDC Accounting, we are constantly working hard to go that extra mile for our clients. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Futrli. This incredible piece of software automatically consolidates your financial data and creates accurate business forecasts, presenting the data in an intuitive interface that you can access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

What is Futrli?

Rather than focussing on the financial past of your business, with Futrli, we can look towards the future. Using digital boards and cards, Futrli allows you to quickly and efficiently see real-time data in a clear way, that’s much easier to understand when you’re on the go. The application is also equipped with enforcing business alerts, so that you have full business monitoring, 24/7.

Futrli and CDC

This cutting edge technology doesn’t just produce clear cash flow forecasts for your business. It also has features that can help with budgeting and business planning, and can automatically create and produce high quality PDF reports and KPI dashboards. It can also let us try out different scenarios for your business, providing you with even more information to make the best decisions regarding your business strategy.

And while Futrli makes your life easier by saving time, alleviating you from the task of scrutinising your books and crafting reports, it also allows us to give you an unrivalled financial service that you can actively track. As if that wasn’t enough time-saving, Futrli links to our existing Xero software, so that you won’t have to provide us with any laborious information to get started.

At CDC Accounting, we are all about saving you time and saving you money, so that you can get the most out of your business. This new technology can offer exactly that, while providing you with a clear and understandable overview of your business finances and forecasts. The opportunities this creates is endless, and we cannot wait to start a period of rapid growth of our clients’ companies. If you have any questions about Futrli and what it might be able to achieve for your business, get in touch with one of the team today.