Common Mistakes Made In The Salon Industry That Really Annoy Customers

I thought I would share with you some findings that I have come across after reading a recent blog on Treatwell.  A great massage, haircut, beauty treatment is one thing you can pride your business in, but to keep your customers coming back  you MUST be aiming to give them a wow experience from the moment they walk through the door until they wave goodbye.  You might think that you are on top of this and have everything sorted but little mistakes can leave a lasting impression on customers who may decide to try elsewhere.  What seems little to you, might be a huge inconvenience for them.

  1. Not Giving Honest Advice – Customers come to you to feel special. They may have a certain idea in mind for what they would like, but if you feel like this haircut or treatment would not be suitable for them then tell them, but do so in a polite manner.  Offer the alternative and explain your reasons behind this.  The fact that you have taken the time to think about the customer and what ultimately will be beneficial for them will give them the desired personal touch, showing you care about them.
  2. Keep Client Areas Clean – Cleanliness in areas visible to clients is a must.  Clients (especially first time clients) will notice untidy work stations, dirty floors, full bins etc straight away.  Your salon could be the most picturesque salon, set in idyllic surroundings, but an overflowing bin is instantly off-putting.  Assign a rota to your staff members to give them responsibility for cleanliness and hygiene to show customers they are in a safe, professional environment.
  3. Being Late – Running over is inevitable and it happens to all of us from time to time, even if it is 5 minutes your customer might have a packed schedule themselves and this 5 minutes over might inconvenience them for what they have to do after.  Explain to your customer that you are running a little late, offer them a drink and be open and honest about how long you will be.  Sitting waiting for half an hour for an appointment you were told would be 5 minutes late is very infuriating and can leave a bad taste in clients mouths when they are considering you in the future.
  4. Not Keeping Records – Clients expect you know all about their past treatments and even personal stories.  The last time they came to the salon they may have told you something important to them – a upcoming wedding, anniversary etc.  Make little notes on customers files to remind yourself for the next time they come in.  The fact that you have remembered and asked about their personal life will go a long way and make them feel special.  If you have to ask them what treatment they came in for last time, they will instantly feel like a number and their idea of your level of care could easily nosedive.
  5. Over Promoting – Promotions are a fantastic tool in keeping your customers coming through the doors, however over promoting can have completely the opposite effect.  Sending out emails to your clients every couple of days will in time begin to annoy and may even go as far to turn your customers away for good.  Aim to tailor your promotions to clients that you think it will benefit.  If you know clients that buy a certain type of product on a regular basis and you have started a recent promotion, then send away!

Everybody makes mistakes and you cannot be perfect 100% of the time…. we are only human after all.  But doing your best to give customers a 5* experience all round will turn those first time customers into dedicated regulars, who in turn will do your promotion work for you (word of mouth has been found to produce double the client sales than other promotions).

We wish you all a very merry christmas and a fantastic new year.

Chris Blackwood