Data Storage & Access: Safe & Simple with Receipt Bank

Running a business in today’s fast-paced world now often requires you to have your finger on the pulse of new business regulations, and the technology available to achieve maximum efficiency in both the services you provide, and your work behind-the-scenes of your business.

So, where to start?

CDC Accounting can support you in taking control of both areas, offering assistance with your necessary accounting tasks alongside consultancy for your medical or beauty business strategy. We provide 4 set business packages tailored to suit the support distance you require – so you can opt for advice about a specific business area, or for CDC to take the reins with your accounts.

In every division of support we provide, we are proud to both make use of and recommend valuable new digital tools, which aid us in keeping all accounting elements straightforward, so the specialist services we provide for each client as are successful as possible.

As an example, we regularly use the Receipt Bank programme to streamline and accelerate our client accounting tasks, and encourage clients to adopt the software themselves because of how effortless and secure it enables file organisation and data retrieval to be.

What is Receipt Bank, and why do we use it?

Receipt Bank enables the flexible access and safe digital storage of documents such as invoices or receipts, and lessens the need to create and retain physical documents. The software offers various levels of interaction, depending on how much information you have, and what you need to do with it – from storing receipts with just one tap, to generating reports, and extracting data that would otherwise need to be entered manually.

Receipt Bank works well with other online accounting platforms for the seamless transfer and storage of files – notably Xero, another online programme favoured here at CDC due to the integration it enables with other services, like the HMRC.

This method of document storage and access is especially important today, with the introduction of tightening restrictions and resulting systems to ensure that good practices of data storage and handling – such as storing and using VAT or tax documents – are maintained.

For more information about the platforms used here at CDC Accounting, or the variety of services and packages available, you can visit our website, or call us on 01490 372012.