FREE HMRC Investigation Insurance

There are many factors that can impact business. We have seen that this year with the effect of COVID on all businesses,
big and small. Hopefully, the chances of COVID happening again are slight, but there are disruptions that could (and do) happen, that have just as devastating an effect on your business. HMRC haven’t stopped doing inspections, so chances are quite high that this could happen, either randomly, or targeted.

An inspection can easily hang over a business for months, and can you afford this additional hassle and stress while we are all trying to get back into profit? Chances are, you are thinking “no, not really”. Then there are staffing issues. this is an area we get a lot of calls and questions about from our clients, especially following the uncertainty that COVID has brought. You can also add, health and safety & legal issues into the mix. You may not have to deal with all these issues, but as business
owners you have to plan and be prepared should they arise.

This is why, CDC have partnered with Markel Insurance for their Tax Investigation and business insurance. This investment is to make sure all our clients have business insurance cover until its renewal next May, allowing them to get safely through these times should a tax inspector call or an issue mentioned above rears its head.

Not only is this saving our clients £145, they benefit from cover for disputes relating to Tax, VAT, Employer compliance and IR35. Our clients also have access to a 24 hr telephone helpline for advise on Employment, Health & safety and business legal advice.


There are good reasons for taking out tax investigation insurance, did you know?

  • Inquiries are taking longer to deal with and are becoming more expensive
  • If you cannot afford a defence team, you could end up paying a higher tax bill
  • Random tax inspections can happen to anyone, no matter how good your records
  • HMRC are using their compliance resources to undertake targeted campaigns and cross-tax enquiries in an attempt to maximize the tax they can recover


How can you take advantage of this free offer??


Its not only existing clients who benefit from the free protection, we are extending the offer to new clients who sign up before the renewal date. If you would like to speak to us about this insurance, or about CDC becoming your accountant, please drop us an email to, or call 01978 861196

Here’s a link to more information about the tax investigation insurance that all our clients are benefiting from.

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