At CDC Accounting, we understand that most businesses – especially in the aesthetics industry – have many responsibilities to balance on a day-to-day basis.

Management of your cash flow is crucial to the heart of your business’ survival and success. Amongst the variety of pressing accounting administration tasks required, it can feel as though the extensive organisation of your cash flow may be getting lost in the mix, with a lack of focus on how to keep your business’ flow positive.

How can CDC Accounting help?

This is where CDC Accounting can help you to get your clinic or practice trajectory back on track and regain cashflow control.

Whether it is just one area of your business that requires some extra support, or a few aspects that you feel need assessment with fresh eyes, CDC Accounting can offer a unique combination of accounting assistance and business strategy guidance.

We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to enable us to get to know your business inside-out, for the provision of a comprehensive plan that suits your business’ individual requirements – from subtle guidance from the CDC team in areas such as bookkeeping, to regaining your business’ direction through monitoring your cash flow through a spreadsheet-based cash flow sheet, and generating projections with Chris.

Our Top Packages for developing a Successful Strategy

We offer 4 set business packages to choose from, with two larger business packages available to enable CDC Accounting to provide more in-depth support with your strategy, as follows:

We’ve Got You [£347 per month]

‘We’ve Got You’ will enable Chris and the CDC team to take the reins with your business’ financial responsibilities – from your payroll to VAT – and to provide detailed analysis of monthly performance, ensuring you are on track to hit your budget.

This package will also enable CDC Accounting to provide tax estimates for your business, so you are able to keep money aside.

If any queries arise regarding the results of your business analysis and assessments, Chris and the CDC team will be available for support via email and telephone.

The Success Package [£597 per month]

With The Success Package, Chris and the team can work with you face-to-face to enhance your business strategy, ensuring your business is achieving your personal goals through analysis of your numbers, and ensuring you remain accountable for your business’ success.

This package will enable CDC to fully relieve you of your financial duties – from bookkeeping to corporation tax – with all progress encouraged through your strategy evidenced in comprehensive monthly reports, for accurate assessments of your cash flow.

To find out more about all of our available monthly packages, or to contact the CDC team to see how we can help you, give us a call on 01490 372012, or visit our website.