Save on your Utilities with Semper Servo

Amongst the daily hustle and bustle of running a business, you may be overlooking certain business areas that are impacting the flow of your finances, and could be holding your company back. One example is your utilities – namely, gas, electricity and water.

Here at CDC Accounting, we encourage our clients to assess their outgoings often, as many people don’t realise that there are often savings to be made when they explore alternative utility options. For those who lack the time, or feel overwhelmed by the range of options available when trying to establish the best choices for their pockets, there is considerable support available.

To tackle feeling as though you are misaligned or inundated with information, CDC Accounting Services In Wales offer a variety of tiered business packages for the level of accounting support your business requires individually, and recommend a range of cloud-based software that can be implemented within your business, to improve its efficiency, streamline your finances and files, and clarify your business goals.

How can Semper Servo help?

Your clinic or salon could also benefit from external support in the assessment of your current utility contracts and appropriate alternatives, through consultancy with companies such as Semper Servo Limited.

CDC Accounting Services In Wales recommend Semper Servo for their provision of independent and transparent advice when establishing the best utility suppliers to suit your quality and cost requirements. By relieving you from the tasks of having to contact your supplier directly or scour markets for the best rates, they can help your business to save time and money – an ethos we share ourselves!

With Semper Servo, there is no charge to you for their services, nor any obligation of commitment once a new utility quotation has been recommended to you, as they are paid by utility suppliers on a consumption basis.

Any issues that arise can be resolved and clarified by a dedicated Semper Servo account manager – from day-to-day queries, to taking meter readings to save estimated bills – so you can focus on the core activities and responsibilities of your business, in the knowledge that you are making savings.

Where do I start?

To start your time and money-saving process, all Semper Servo require initially is one of your latest full utility bills emailed to them – from this point onwards, they will then be able to provide personalised advice.

For more information about Semper Servo, visit their website. To learn more about the range of services offered and software recommended here with CDC Accounting, view our website and services page, call us on 01490 372012, or email us at: We look forward to hearing from you!