Steer your Business in the right direction with a CDC Accounting Strategy Day

If your salon or clinic requires assistance with getting back on track for success, explore our business Strategy Days here at CDC Accounting!

There is no better time than now to take the plunge and give your business the chance to thrive as it should with our Strategy Days, as we are offering an exclusive 20% off Strategy Days booked with our team before the end of February 2019!

Personal to Your Business

CDC Accounting Strategy Days are highly bespoke to your individual business and team – no two businesses or teams function in the same way, with the same requirements and goals – and this is reflected in the structure of our comprehensive, tailored guidance days. It is highly important to us to establish your clinic or spa team’s aspirations and ultimate goals for your Accounting Strategy Day as soon as we are able to, so constructive and profitable change can begin immediately!

Staying On Target

We know how easy it can be to lose sight of your goals in the bustle of running and being part of a beauty business, and for certain aspects of your business to become overlooked in the process. However, working together we can refine your business processes and financial responsibilities, so you can ensure that your business goals can get back on track – and your business can flourish as it should!

Our recommendations can range from streamlining the products and platforms you use – such as integrating our favoured Huddle system, Futurli, ReceiptBank and Asana – for increased efficiency in areas like your cash flow, budgeting, or team payroll. We will also support you in establishing the steps necessary to double your profits, and strengthen your business security by reviewing how you store your information, with the upcoming changes to tax management approaching this year.

CDC Accounting Strategy Days are incredibly flexible, and can be run at your business directly (travel expenses will be incurred), or alternatively at the CDC Accounting offices.

Next Steps for Success

To find out more about our Accounting Strategy Days, or the range of business packages and services we offer here, visit our website, call us on 01490 372012, or email us at: