Work Smarter with Asana

Running a business can be made much more straightforward with the utilisation of a clear and effective system for the management of your salon or clinic team’s workflow with your company goals in mind.

Here at CDC Accounting, we utilise and recommend the work management platform Asana, designed to support business teams in managing, organising and tracking their tasks, targets and figures – all in one place.

Collaborative Working

Through the use of customisable projects, your team can use Asana together to access your business’ secure content in one place, with no need for timely content retrieval across a variety of platforms. If important files or documents do exist on a different platform, Asana offers a multitude of integrations – from email providers to file sharing and storage platforms – for straightforward external file access.

When all of the information required to move your business closer to its goals is available on a single platform such as Asana, all employees can ensure that they are on the same page and completing tasks that tie in with your business’ wider strategies. It can also reduce the risk of important information or priority tasks slipping through the cracks, irrespective of whether work is being completed by your team within the same hours, days or locations.

The recurring formats used most often by your team can be turned into templates, so the ones that are proven to work best for you can be reused, saving your team time, and ensuring that everyone is following the correct workflow processes.

The accessibility of the content shared within your business’ projects can be modified depending on its sensitivity – from your client lists, to your growth strategy, and the finer details of your finances – with the designation of file administrators or limitations, so you can rest assured that your information is secure, and only available when you need it to be.

Asana enables the creation and distribution of time-based tasks, to-do lists, and connected spaces for your team to generate new ideas together without the need for notebooks or writing boards. In this way, Asana can be used to track an idea from the day it is generated to the day it is actually implemented, improving the coordination of your team and the efficiency of its work management – both collaboratively, and independently.

Clear Responsibilities

Through Asana, you can track the workload and task status of each employee, and easily access the relevant information required for efficient catch-ups with team members.

When all employees know which business tasks require their individual attention – from focus on your salon or clinic’s key offers, to encouraging appointments – there is less room for error, missed tasks, or duplication due to uncertainty about work allocation, and more time to focus on the accountability necessary to ensure progression towards your company targets for growth.

Flexible Forecasting

Asana can assist you with communicating the right information to your employees at the right time, enabling the creation or integration of existing project calendars to provide a clear picture of your business’ day, week, month or further, when linked with the time-based tasks of your to-do lists.

Through these calendars, your team can ensure that deadlines and resources for larger tasks – such as the implementation of new strategies or promotions, or allowing additional expenses – are made clear, and that the necessary adjustments to your plans are easily pinpointed and resolved, as your business priorities change throughout the year.

As a salon or clinic owner, you will never know exactly what the next day will bring for your business – but with Asana, you can be secure in your estimations.

Next Steps with Business Accounting Wales

To learn more about Asana, the other platforms used here at CDC Business Accounting Wales, and the variety of services and tiered packages available to you as a business owner, please feel free to call us on 01490 372012, or visit our website for more information.