Your dreams
deserve a plan

The Dare to Dream workshop gives you practical tools and knowledge you need to take steps towards your goals.

There is a step-by-step process to achieve your dream.

The workshop is five sessions. During each session, you’ll recieve a resource or tool you can use in your business and knowledge you can implement right away. The sessions are scheduled often and you’ll join a small group of salon owners. Register below to receive information about the upcoming opportunities to participate.


Dare to Dream

Use the Dare to Dream workbook to set goals and calculate what you need to reach them.


Calculate your breakeven

Break down per minute what you need to be charging per day.


Bring it to life

Now you’ll start to see exactly how you can earn what you need every day.


Price correctly

Make sure you’re charging the right price for the time each service takes.


Take action

Track your progress towards your dream. You’ll be all ready to move to Step 2 in our process where you join our salon owners community and get accountability.

Get started towards
your dreams

The workshop is 1000GBP with a 800GBP discount for clients. If you book the workshop now and sign up as a client later, you’ll get an 800GBP credit to your account.

Register to get information about upcoming workshop dates.