Get on the Right Track with a CDC Accounting Strategy Day

If your salon or clinic is in need of some steering in the right direction, consider arranging a business Strategy Day with us here at CDC Accounting!

We understand that certain areas of your business may not receive as much attention as you might prefer. In the day-to-day running of a company, it is easy to lose sight of the areas that contribute to your overall personal business goals. Often all that is needed is for certain financial responsibilities and business processes to be refined, so your aims and objectives can return to sight, for improved business efficiency, and resultant success!

Business Strategy in Just One Day

With CDC, your business’ Strategy Day will be personalised from the outset – as soon as both your clinic team and the CDC Accounting team have been introduced, we will get to work together, to establish the intended outcome of your Strategy Day for your clinic or salon. We will also go through our CDC Accounting processes, so your team can understand how we work, and our recommendations for how your team and overall business should function, for the best possible results

Tailored to Your Business

Throughout your comprehensive guidance day, we will run through how all aspects of your accounting and strategy can be made more straight-forward for swift, palpable growth. This range from your rotas and payroll system, to your budgeting, cash flow and practical business finance, how to double your profits, and increased business efficiency through the utilisation of financial software such as Huddle, Futurli, ReceiptBank and Asana- everything you need to keep your strategy firmly on track, and bespoke to your exact needs.

Your business’ Strategy Day can be run either at your business directly or alternatively at our CDC Accounting offices.

As an extra offer, we have now made our Strategy Day available for FREE to clients who book on to our ‘Success’ or ‘We’ve Got You’ packages before 31st December 2018.

For more information about our Strategy Days, or the range of business packages and services we offer here at CDC Accounting, view our services page, call us on 01490 372012, or email us at: