Save Time & Go Online with Xero

Here at CDC Accounting, we endeavour to “Save You Time, Save You Money”, and really value tools that enable us to make our clients’ journeys as smooth as possible, so they can be confident in taking control of their finances, and focus on the services they provide with peace of mind.

Keeping the accounting elements of your beauty or medical business simple will enable you time to devote to other important areas, such as your business strategy. CDC can help you to progress in both areas – what sets us apart from many other accounting firms is the business consultancy that we can provide, in addition to assisting you with your accounting needs.

It’s important to us to have a comprehensive understanding of the support each client requires individually, and the personal goals they want to achieve through their business. With this, we can tailor our specialist accounting services as appropriate, and help our clients to “make the business of making money, as easy as possible”.

We provide 4 set business packages with varying distances, so you can choose to be supported in the specific areas that need it, learn how to independently manage your day-to-day finances with confidence using software like Xero, or allow us to take the financial reins if you are needed elsewhere in your business.

What is Xero, and why do we use it?

As mentioned above, Xero is an example of the cloud-based accounting software used here at CDC to streamline financial tasks for small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to storing the important information you need online, Xero can assist with your bookkeeping, and be easily integrated with other services such as the HMRC, so tasks like VAT returns can be completed with ease.

Xero also works well with Receipt Bank, which is another key platform for us here at CDC as it helps us to reduce the amount of physical paperwork we create and store. From receipts to invoices, your documents can be seamlessly transferred to Xero from Receiptbank, stored digitally for more security, flexibility, and less of an environmental footprint!

CDC Accounting advocates digital progression

As in many other industries, the advent of new technologies means the opportunity to make a few changes to our practices. Here at CDC Accounting, we pride ourselves on the digital progression that makes us stand out from other accounting firms, taking on new digital services like Xero and using them with great success to date and providing smart accounting services to all of our clients.

While new online platforms may seem daunting, they enable us to provide the best possible service to our clients, and can also make finances more straightforward for businesses to organise for themselves. With Xero experts on-board here, we use the service day-to-day with our clients, but we can also provide training for clients who would like to learn how to use the software independently for their businesses, at just £750 per day.

To enquire about the platforms we use, the platform training we provide or the variety of services and packages we offer, you can call us on 01490 372012, or visit our website for more information.